Besides being a terrific event, it was filled with content that offered important solutions to previous challenges. Over the years, we’ve received an incredible amount of knowledge, including wisdom accumulated overtime that has brought us full circle.

It was clear, at the conference, that YOR Health has a world class platform, one that supports world class products and a world class duplication method. That’s why so many industry leaders spoke to us, why everyone that attended took away a handful of sales tools, a head full of understanding and a heart full of inspiration for 2014 business success!
“This event was simply amazing!” Dennis Wong said. “We have the best products in our industry. And, now, we can say that our marketing strategy is not only at world class levels, but our tools are also world class, the best in the business!”
“Kudos to you, Dennis, for your exceptional leadership and for making the right investment needed to support your grand vision. I am proud to support you and your company’s greater success!”

Darren Hardy
Mentor to Entrepreneurs and Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine
“As an athlete, you’re always looking for the best because your body needs the best,” Tim Brown said. “In addition to playing football for 17 years, YOR Health products have helped me live an active life on a day-to-day basis.”

Tim Brown
Heisman Trophy Winner
"The Conference, the leadership by Dennis Wong, the speakers, the medal and prize winners, the super enthusiastic crowd, all were unparalleled. Best MLM event I have experienced!"

Robert D. Paul
Esq., Former General Counsel, US Federal Trade Commission
From our new Super Slim product to leading edge YOR Office tools to updated videos sure to get a smile, everything was bright, new and inspiring. With powerhouse speakers like Fortune 500 Coach Darren Hardy, Oscar Arden, NFL great Tim Brown, world renowned Dr. Bookwalter, Danny Jacobs, FTC Legend Robert Paul, Sifu Karl Romain, International Sports Model Ben Handsaker and so many others, attendees experienced a profound two-day transformation from some of the highest achievers on the planet, that raised their awareness for a lifetime!
From heart to spirit to hope to expert advice, our 2014 conference was totally world class. It was authentic, real and inspiring, proving that YOR Health is on track to lead this industry.

Attendees felt a certainty about the future of YOR Health, that they could build a flourishing career and leave a shining legacy. In a word, YOR Health has now made things very SIMPLE for anyone to TAKE CONTROL. Our Promoters are more convinced than ever that they can do this!
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